Membership at AMC

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An Invitation

Membership means” being a part of!” We invite you to become an ACTIVE MEMBER and share in the love and joy that comes from giving and serving. Let’s make this chapel a source of good to all and especially to our community.

Get involved! We need you! Spirit needs you!

About Membership at AMC

Why be a member of AMC?

One of the most basic principles of the United Metaphysical Churches is that the “Power is in the Pew.” This means that UMC member churches and study groups are owned and governed by their members. Each church is led by a board of trustees, who make business decisions on behalf of the congregation. The pastor/senior minister, officers and trustees are elected by the membership. Major financial and administrative decisions are approved by the membership. Changes to the church’s or UMC’s constitution, bylaws and organizational structure are enacted through membership recommendations and approval. If you are not a member, you do not have a vote in these matters, so your participation is important to everyone who walks through our doors!

How do I become a member of AMC?

A member of the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel is one who has attended the required orientation meetings, filled out an Application for Membership, been approved by the Board of Trustees, and been taken in publicly at a church service. Membership Orientation classes are scheduled several times a year. Persons interested in becoming a member of AMC attend a class conducted by an AMC minister. These informative classes include information about:

  • Metaphysical Theology
  • The United Metaphysical Churches
  • Arlington Metaphysical Chapel
Induction into Membership

New members are received into membership of AMC at the 11:00 am Service on a Sunday after the completion of the orientation classes and the approval by the Board of Trustees.

What are the membership dues?

Membership dues are $20 Individual, $30 Family, payable at the beginning of each year. The Chapel is ruled, governed and owned by its members; therefore, it is most important that members maintain their status as voting members in good standing by paying their annual dues in order to help guide and assist the Chapel in its growth.  Existing members can pay dues here.

Am I a member in good standing?

Annual membership dues must be paid prior to participating in the January membership meeting. Members whose dues are in arrears may not vote or participate in membership meetings until at least 6 months after membership is returned to current status. If you have any questions about the status of your membership, please contact the chapel or inquire with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

You must meet all three of the following requirements in order to become a member of Arlington Metaphysical Chapel:

  1. Attend a membership orientation class.
  2. Apply and be approved for membership by the board of trustees.
  3. Be publicly taken into the membership at an AMC worship service.

A Certificate of Membership is issued to all members during the induction service. If you have not completed these steps, you are not a member of AMC, and are not eligible to participate in membership meetings. Please click here for more information on how to join.

I used to be a member, but I stopped paying dues. How do I reactivate my membership?

If your membership is more than one year in arrears, your membership may have been revoked. If you have received a notification that your membership has been revoked due to non-payment of dues, or if you voluntarily withdrew your membership, you are no longer a member of AMC and must reapply for membership as a new member.

If your membership is one year or less in arrears, you can pay back dues to bring your membership current, however, you will not be permitted to vote in membership meetings until your membership has been current for at least 6 months. Click here for more information on paying dues.

Where can I find more information about membership?

A brochure about membership at AMC is available in the chapel’s narthex. You can also speak to one of the chapel ministers or a member of the AMC Board of Trustees.

Do I have to be an AMC member to participate in events and committees at the chapel?

You do not have to be a member of AMC to benefit from its classes and many services that it offers. All are welcome! The chapel emanates the vibrations of the mystical Christ, which says, “Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Many of the ministers and workers of AMC have labored hard and long, with little or no thought of remuneration. Why? Because they believe, practice and have witnessed the results of the Chapel’s teachings! They want to give back some of what they have received. Giving comes in many forms: tithing, special gifts, regular financial support, ushering, healing, teaching, cleaning, cooking, chairing a committee, participating on a committee, visiting the shut-ins, prayer circle and many others.

AMC Membership is required to be a member of the Board of Trustees, to be a platform healer, to participate in membership meetings or to become a minister.