Intuitive Ministerial Counseling and Readings

Reservations are required for all private readings and circles. Call the office at 703 276-8738 or send an e-mail to

Carlos the Medium
Rev. Dr. Linda R.Greene, Ph.D
Melody Krafft

Carlos the Medium

Carlos the Medium is a naturally-gifted clairvoyant medium raised in the suburbs of Northern Virginia.  In his early 20’s Carlos had to overcome numerous chronic health issues and suffered a near-death experience that changed his outlook on life.  These experiences, and other synchronicities of life, drew him to his calling as a psychic medium.  From his pain, Carlos cultivated compassion and began to serve others.  He possesses a deep compassion and maturity from his own challenging life lessons.

Carlos dedicates his time to developing his mediumship abilities and educating himself in many aspects of spirituality. He is an ordained UMC minister in Divine Metaphysics and a “Certified Medium” and currently serves at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel doing readings and ministerial services.  Carlos is also a devoted father and military veteran.

What you can expect in a reading with Carlos:  Carlos possess a gifted ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit.  During a reading, Carlos will impart messages of love, healing, and closure from those in Spirit.  His raw mediumistic talent coupled with the genuineness of his character, deepened spirituality, and inner kindness brings forth a unique spiritual experience.  Through his mediumship readings, which are also available in Spanish, Carlos continues to confirm the undying truth that love and life are eternal.

Private Reading: $130 (30 minutes), $160 (50 minutes). Phone sessions available. Contact the chapel office at 703 276 8738 or email for availability.

Rev. Dr. Linda R.Greene, Ph.D.

Rev. Greene offers metaphysical counseling, mediumship and has been a practicing spiritual Astrological Counselor and chart reader for over 30 years.  As mankind enters the Age of Aquarius, it is important now more than ever for everyone to be in tune with who they really are.

Rev Linda provides ministerial services at AMC and her education includes a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree, specializing in Metaphysical Counseling from the University of Sedona; UMC Seminary Certifications in both Spiritual Healing and Mediumship; Clairvoyance; Board Certified Hypnotherapy Consultant; Certified Practical Reiki Level 2; Ordained Minister through the United Metaphysical Churches and International Metaphysical Ministry.

What you can expect in a reading from Rev. Dr. Linda: Astrological chart interpretation can help you understand the intricacies of what makes you…. you! A chart reading will unlock the secret code that lies within your psyche to unleash your untapped potential. This thorough analysis will help you identify and maximize strengths and help improve relationships with others and yourself. Astrology and a birth chart reading is considered a” true window to the soul.”

Your astrological Birth or Natal chart can help you harness your creativity and give a description of your individual character. She also looks into the karmic influence that was developed in previous lifetimes.  And, looking at your numerology can provide the keys to unlocking your potentials, as well as your destiny.

Private reading: $130 (30 minutes), or $160  (50 minutes). Availability is limited, but phone sessions are readily available. Contact the chapel office at 703 276 8738 or email for availability.

Melody Krafft

Melody Krafft was born on the Other Side, arriving with a deep  knowledge and understanding of life.  She was born with the soul of an artist and the gift of other worldly perceptions.  Because Melody can see people in the Spirit World, she is able to draw their likenesses, noticing each spirit’s distinct personality.  Through her art and her mediumship, she is able to offer a beautiful and tangible gift to those with whom she works – the comfort of those we thought we have lost as well as wisdom from those who are always available to us.  As a highly-attuned messenger, she brings what we need from our loved ones but that we may not know how to achieve ourselves.

Melody has a Masters’ Degree in Psychology from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.  She conducts her sessions with a solid psychology background as well as training in the evidential method of Mediumship at the Spiritualist’s National Church, the School of Mediumship, The Journey Within, and the Arthur Findlay College in England.

What you can expect in a reading with Melody:   As a medium, Melody receives messages connecting us with loved ones on the Other Side.  She serves as a Soul Navigator, utilizing her lifelong learning to provide extensive information in guided individual sessions, revealing one’s life purpose and the gifts and talents each of us has brought into this lifetime.  She identifies challenges and opportunities, showing us there is no limit to what we can do once we know how to seek and live on the Path we are meant to travel.  As Melody shares the Gifts of the Path, we can move forward at an accelerated pace, taking our souls from ordinary to their extraordinary destinations.

Types of sessions with Melody are:

  • Soul Path Readings: Guidance from your Spirit Guides on your current life circumstances
  • Mediumship Sitting: Messages from loved ones on the Other Side and your Spirit Guides
  • Spirit Art Session: You will receive a portrait of a loved one in Spirit confirming that his or her presence is with you, or your Spirit Guide
  • Past Life Regression: Gently sliding into a past life memory can help you glimpse your eternal self and release what no longer serves you

Who or what do you long for?  Let Melody use her gifts to help you connect with Spirit.

$130 (30 minutes), $160 (45 minutes), or $180 (60 minutes).  Contact the chapel office at 703 276 8738 or email for availability. Melody also holds a weekly Intuitive and Psychic Development Class. Check our class page for information.

Psychic Saturday is held on the last Saturday of every month. This popular event runs from 10am – 2pm, with registration beginning at 9:30am. Fifteen minute readings are $25 each. Call the Chapel office (703) 276-8738 for further information.