Volunteer Committees

Volunteers welcomed!

AMC has many programs that could use your support. If you don’t have a specific one in mind, our Volunteer Coordinator can help you match your time and talent with the best opportunity. Contact the Chapel at info@arlingtonmeta.org.

These are some of the areas where we are always looking for help:


As a community outreach, this committee picks up trash along Wilson Blvd. between Glebe Rd. and Peyton Randolph Rd. We are obligated to pick up the trash four times a year and have chosen the first Sunday in January, April, July and October after the 11:00 am service, weather permitting. We need a minimum of four volunteers, the more the merrier.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Keep members notified of the pickup dates. Notify Arlington County when to pickup the orange trash bags. Maintain supply of orange trash bags and teach new volunteers the protocol.

Volunteer Responsibilities: About one hour is needed on each pickup date to pick up the trash along the route. Trash bags and orange safety vests are provided.


Oversee and manage all aspects of running the AMC bookstore located in Roller Hall.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Order regular stock and special request items. Keep displays attractive and current. Prepare deposits, pay invoices. Prepare inventory each January. Present quarterly statements to the board.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist with above responsibilities.

Building Maintenance

This committee makes small repairs or arranges for larger repairs and maintenance for the chapel, rental property and Sunday School house. Maintains general upkeep.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Respond to requests for repairs and upkeep. Obtain 3 estimates if required by board. Present any receipts, bills, warranties, etc. in a timely fashion to the board.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist committee heads with repairs.

Christmas Dinner

This committee organizes and prepares the annual dinner held at the church on Christmas day.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Organize and plan all aspects of the annual Christmas dinner including menu, food preparation, table settings, serving and clean up.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Help organize and plan along with the chairperson. Help to prepare, serve and cleanup.

Cleaning Chapel

Clean the chapel once a week, each Saturday evening after scheduled activities.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Perform a general cleaning of the chapel to include vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, replenishing supplies.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist committee chair with cleaning responsibilities.

Cleaning Sunday School House and Guest House

Clean the Sunday School House, especially the classrooms by vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Ensure the rooms are clean and ready for use each week. Find volunteers to help.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist committee heads with cleaning.

Cleanup Spring and Fall

Thoroughly clean the chapel, narthex, kitchen, Roller Hall and the Sunday School house twice a year.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Clear dates well in advance on the church calendar. Advertise the dates through the bulletin inserts, posters, newsletters and verbal announcements.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Choose a cleaning project on cleaning day. Bring supplies if possible.

Committee Coordinator

Oversee all the committees.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Call special meetings as needed, communicate messages to committee heads, serve as contact person, publish and distribute committee chairperson list each year.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Help with phone calls, ideas, meeting planning, finding volunteers.


Oversee and coordinate the chapel’s publications, website and publicity efforts.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Coordinate all public-facing publicity efforts for the chapel, including the newsletter, AMC website, social networking sites, advertising, bulletins and flyers. Ensure that all efforts are approved by the board and are in line with the chapel’s publicity needs. Coordinate with other committees on publicity efforts, including Education, Psychic Saturday, and for all chapel events and activities.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Help with different aspects of chapel communication and publicity, including:


Publish weekly e-mail updates to our mailing list.


Coordinate church mailings and maintain mailing list.


Keep the chapel’s web page up-to-date.

Social Media

Post information about events and schedule changes on Facebook, Meetup and Twitter.


Coordinate advertisements and announcements in print publications and third-party websites.

Bulletins and Flyers

Ensure that publicity efforts are appropriately disseminated to the congregation.


Arrange for all classes and workshops that are presented at the Chapel.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Interview instructors and preview their class agenda, obtain approval of new instructors and new topics from the board and or President, ensure classes and workshop information is sent to newsletter chairperson for inclusion in the newsletter in a timely manner.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist with chairperson’s responsibilities.

Homeless Outreach Committee

The following volunteer/donation opportunities are available through AMC ’s Homeless Outreach Committee:

AACH – donations of food and hygiene items

  • AFAC – donations of non-perishable food items
  • A- SPAN – volunteer support with Emergency Winter Shelter and Bagged Meal Program (includes food preparation)
  • DOORWAYS – donations of food, supplies and hygiene items
  • RPC – volunteer support with recreational activities, processing bulk donations and inventory management.

Listings of items needed and how to donate through AMC are published periodically on this website. To volunteer, contact the Homeless Outreach Committee chair at (703)276-8738.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Acts as liaison between AMC and community organizations to determine needs and provide assistance, serves as team leader and supervises AMC group volunteer effort, recruits volunteers, writes informational articles for publication and coordinates collection and distribution of donations.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Be reliable and on time for scheduled group activities, receive and follow instructions from the team leader, work effectively with your team members, represent AMC positively by your actions while volunteering at shelter locations.


Arrange for light snacks, coffee and tea to be available in Roller Hall before and after Sunday morning services.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Post sign-up sheet and recruit volunteers to cover each Sunday. Oversee general administration of fellowship.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Bring snacks on your sign-up day, set up by 9:30 am and clean up after the 11:00 am service.

Flower Calendar

Arrange to have a calendar available for people to sign up for flower donations.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Ensure flower calendar is in place so people can sign-up to donate flowers for the altar.


Generates new ideas for fundraising at the chapel.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Reviews fundraising ideas and submits them to the Board of Trustees for approval and review.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist project once the idea is approved.

Grounds & Landscaping

Keep the chapel and adjacent property grounds landscaped and well manicured.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Plan the overall landscaping plan, purchases plants and supplies needed that are with the board approved budget and work as needed with planting, pruning, weeding and watering.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist with above as directed by chairperson.

Healing Schedule

Oversees the healing ministry. Ensures that are healers available for each service requiring healers.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Keep the healers’ list updated and accurate. Each month, schedule two healers for the Sunday 11:00 am, 7:30 pm and Wednesday services. Keep healers updated with any changes in healing policies.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Serve the church by healing during services as needed.

Holiday Decorations

Decorate the chapel for the Christmas and Easter holidays, including the Chapel, Narthex and Roller Hall.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Plan and purchase any decorations needed that are within the allotted budget. Provide receipts and reimbursement forms if necessary. Decorate the church before the holiday and remove and store the decorations after the holidays.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist with above responsibilities.

Potluck lunches

See Fellowship

Psychic Saturday

Organize and hold monthly psychic fairs as an AMC fundraiser.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Call and schedule readers, advertise as needed and approved by the board, set up church so each reader has a space, prepare deposit, arrange for food to be sold at lunch if applicable.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist with above responsibilities.

Public Relations

see Communications Committee

Rainbow Weekend and SpiritFest

Organize all aspects of this special, three day fundraiser weekend of workshops, etc.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Invites various speakers and readers to be presenters with board approval, determine the salaries and costs of classes, prepare advertising information for the mailing list including a registration form, arrange for tents, extra chairs, etc., arrange for volunteers to cover registration, keep track of all costs, receipts and income and prepare detailed summary sheet for the board, set up and prepare the church the night before and plan for any food service to be available.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Many volunteers are needed to help find and book speakers, prepare flyers, commit to times to serve as registrar or other duties as needed.

Sign Making

Prepare signs for special events at AMC.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Make signs per specifications of committee head.

Socials & Receptions

See Fellowship above

Treasury Committee

Oversee accounting procedures. Review current procedures and expenditures and make recommendations for improved processes.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Plan regular meetings with volunteers and discuss current AMC procedures and methods for improvement.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Assist with above responsibilities.

Usher Schedule

Provide ushering services for all church services on Sundays, Wednesday evenings and special services throughout the year. Recruit new ushers.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Ensure there is ample usher coverage for each service and each special service such as Good Friday, All Souls Rose, Christmas Concert, and Christmas Eve. Train new ushers and update ushers on any changes to procedures. Organize an ushers’ meeting at least once each year. Prepare and distribute to ushers a phone and availability list. Prepare report for annual meeting. Communicate with ushers to express appreciation and to keep them informed about correct and or changes in procedures.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Ushering requires approximately 2 1/2 hours of time for each service. The ushers need to arrive an hour before the service to prepare the chapel and the bulletins for the service. They stay after the service to count the offering, prepare the deposit report and to complete the post-service responsibilities. A complete list of responsibilities and training is provided to new ushers.

Congregational Care

Visits members and friends who are not able to leave home, are in the hospital or nursing home.

Committee Head Responsibilities: Keep track of members and friends who are shut-ins or are need of visitation. Contact other volunteers and plan visits as needed or requested.

Volunteer Responsibilities: Maintain regular contact with committee chairpersons and plan visits as needed.