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Chakra Reflection & Reconciliation

[LAM] The Root Chakra is our source of stability, perseverance, trust, and security.  As a divine spirit currently manifesting in a physical body, I see my first chakra, my root chakra, as the foundation for the “temple" in which my spirit resides and evolves.  As such, I honor, love and care for my body and mind.  Using the sacred energy of this chakra, I envision myself in healthful wholeness, and I strive for a renewed commitment in 2023 to lovingly restoring and maintaining my physical and mental fitness, thereby strengthening the foundation for my spiritual growth.          – Rev. Cathy Polen


[VAM] The Sacral Chakra is our source of creative life energy. This sacred center is associated with change, polarities, emotions, and sexuality. My challenges are opportunities. I see myself emotionally centered and balanced in all situations, knowing there is wisdom and learning in every experience.  I am allowed to take my own path. I put my energy into the things that matter to me. I am free to create the life I desire. I trust in my ability to make good decisions.           - Rev. Jim Wilkins                                                                       

[RAM] The Solar Plexus is our source of personal power, our sense of self and individual development. From this sacred center we reach out to our Higher Selves to bring us this year greater understanding and wisdom in all our affairs. We can for example choose to live greater joy by bringing joy to others through our humor. In so doing, we can instill new life to ways of thinking and seeing in a loving and gentle way.                                                                    – Rev. Conny Proulx

[YAM] The Heart Chakra is our source of love, compassion, our humanity, open-heartedness, and empathy. Through this sacred center we are the embodiment of God’s love that is within us and surrounds us. With every breath, we are breathing love into our bodies, and we release fear, worry, and stress with every exhalation. By loving ourselves and others, without limitations, we are free to heal and accept life as it comes. And all is well.                  – Rev. Linda Greene


[HAM] The Throat Chakra is the center of our communication, our intelligence, and truthfulness. It is through this energy that we receive inspiration and synthesize it, constantly striving to share our

ever-evolving sense of truth. From this sacred source, we find that communication is more of an inward process than an external one –

as we give more attention to our divinity and expressing our internal truth than we worry about external perceptions.                         - Rev. Scott Morgan

[AUM] The Brow Chakra or Third Eye is our source of wisdom, intuition, imagination… our sense of true self.  From this sacred center, we are better able to understand others as well as ourselves.  It helps us access messages from Spirit and enables us to learn from past mistakes or hurts, guiding us to something better.  It helps us to be honest, loyal, and sympathetic individuals who are open minded and clear sighted.  As we state in our fourth Declaration of Principles, we believe in personal responsibility. Working through this chakra not only allows us to take responsibility for ourselves, but it also empowers us to help others, using our strength in a positive way and making the world a better place.                                                                                                   - Rev. Nancy Jones

[AH] The Crown Chakra

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