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Spiritual Healing

 Spiritual Healing is an important part of our ministry at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel, so much so that it is incorporated into our Declaration of Principles.  Healing is not just a physical process. It can also be an emotional or spiritual process, depending on the circumstances.  One of the principles of spiritual healing is that “healing” is not an action performed by someone, but rather a process triggered by acceptance.  Healing starts in the mind with a willingness to be healed, and to allow the healing energies and processes governed by Natural Law to do their work.  Only when this happens can healing truly take place.  

Before Sunday Service  10:30-10:55 AM

Arlington Metaphysical Chapel offers Spiritual Healing and silent meditation before each worship service.  Simply come up to the front pew, and one of our spiritual healers will invite you to the platform for a short Spiritual Healing session.  Simply sit with your heart and mind open, your palms facing upwards and allow the healing process to take place for your highest good.  Do your best to keep thoughts of specific outcome or intent out of your mind.  Simply welcome the healing energy in whatever form is in Divine Order.

Healing Book and Online Healing

If you or someone you know may be in need of healing in mind, body or spirit, please consider writing their name in the healing book, located on the credenza in the Narthex as you enter the chapel.  We include the names of the people listed in this healing book in our prayers.  Additionally, if you are unable to come into the chapel we offer online Spiritual Healing as well.  Please send your request to Healing Prayers
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