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The Adopt-a-Highway program is a community service program sponsored by the Virginia Department of Highways to help keep Virginia's roads clean and safe.  Through the efforts of our member Carol Washer, AMC adopted the 2.1 mile stretch of Wilson Blvd between North Glebe Road (Silver Diner) and Peyton Randolph  Drive (Jiffy Lube).

WHO: Anyone who enjoys a nice walk and keeping the environment clean. AMC sits in the middle of the two mile stretch which makes it easy for participants to gather for assignments.  The more participants the shorter the distance you'll need to go! Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, appropriate clothing and bring gloves, the State provides bright orange vests and trash bags.

WHAT:   We pick up the trash along the sidewalks on Wilson Blvd., avoiding going into the road.  We don't pick up dangerous objects such as broken glass.

WHEN:  Usually January, April, July and October -- dates are determined according to weather -- snow and dangerous cold will postpone the pickup but we never cancel!  We do the pickups on Sunday after the 11 AM service.  

WHY:  This is a community outreach program that anyone can do if your health permits; What a great way to give back to the Arlington community in a spirit of camaraderie!

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